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This blog entry will chronicle all the new works and/or information pertaining to the topic.  Part of my work in AutismRawData is to keep up with and maintain the "Validation" blog entries such as this.  The latest data will be posted at the top.


Parry, L. (2014). Ebola vaccine trial suspended after patients report suffering joint pain. Mail Online. Retrieved from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2870260/Ebola-vaccine-trial-suspended-patients-report-suffering-joint-pain.html
A trial testing an experimental Ebola vaccine has been suspended amid concerns over potential side-effects.  The decision to pause the Swiss clinical trial at the University of Geneva was taken after four volunteers reported suffering joint pain in their hands and feet.  The hospital said the move is a 'precautionary measure', after the volunteers had the injection 10 to 15 days earlier.  The Geneva researchers reported on December 2 that the first people vaccinated with the experimental drug had experienced no serious side effects, with a few suffering a mild fever.
Heather White editor of AutismRawData and mother of a vaccine injured child, who has autism.  I have nearly 10 years of clinical experience and am currently continuing my education in Health Science with the hope of developing my own path in research.  I am passionate about God, family, living debt-free, toxin-free, organic food, clean water, whole health and an integrative approach to healthcare.



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