What Are the Best Homemade Toy Ideas for an English Bulldog with Strong Jaws?

As dog lovers, you understand the joy of seeing your furry friend engaged in play. Dogs, much like humans, also need a healthy dose of playtime for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. English Bulldogs, specifically, adore playtime with their favorite toys. Unfortunately, due to their strong jaws, finding the perfect toy that withstands their powerful bite can be a challenge. A solution to this problem could be homemade toys, which provide both durability and customization according to what your bulldog will love. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best homemade toy ideas that are perfect for an English Bulldog with strong jaws.

The Durability of Homemade Toys

Before we delve into toy-making, it’s important to understand why durability is a fundamental aspect of dog toys, especially for breeds like English Bulldogs renowned for their strong jaws.

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The primary reason is safety. Inadequate toys can break into pieces when chewed on heavily and these pieces can be swallowed, causing a choking hazard. Secondly, durable toys stand the test of time, proving to be cost-effective in the long run. Homemade toys provide an opportunity to ensure both safety and durability. With the right materials and design, homemade toys can offer the same, if not more, sturdiness as commercially available toys.

The Classic Tug Toy

Tug play is a favorite among many dogs, and English Bulldogs are no different. A tug toy is beneficial in numerous ways: it’s excellent for physical exercise, promotes mental stimulation, and can even aid in teaching your bulldog self-control.

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A tug toy can be easily made at home using durable materials like denim, canvas, or firehose. Here’s how:

  1. You’ll need a long strip of your chosen material, about 3 feet in length and 4 inches in width.
  2. If you’re using denim or canvas, fold the strip lengthwise and sew along the edges to reinforce it.
  3. Fold the strip in half.
  4. Grab the two ends together and tie a knot, leaving a loop on the other end.
  5. Voila! Your homemade tug toy is ready for a game of fetch.

Remember, tug play should always be supervised to prevent any accidental harm to your furry friend.

The Chew-Resistant Kong

A Kong is another favorite amongst many dogs. It’s a versatile toy that can be chewed, fetched, or filled with treats. While commercial Kongs are robust and durable, a homemade version can be equally effective and even more affordable.

For a homemade Kong, you’d require a sturdy material, such as a thick rubber ball. Ensure the ball is large enough that it doesn’t pose a choking hazard yet small enough for your bulldog to grip comfortably. To turn the ball into a Kong:

  1. Drill a hole in the ball large enough to insert treats.
  2. Smooth out any rough edges.
  3. Insert your dog’s favorite treats and watch them have a ball with their new toy.

The benefits of a Kong are manifold. Not only does it provide a durable chew toy, but the inserted treats will also stimulate your bulldog mentally as they try to figure out how to retrieve them.

The Indestructible Fetch Stick

Fetch is a simple game that dogs love, and a fetching stick is an essential toy in any dog’s toy box. Commercially available fetch sticks, however, can break or splinter, causing potential injury to your dog. A homemade fetch stick, on the other hand, can be made to be nearly indestructible.

Consider using a piece of sturdy rubber hose for your fetch stick. It’s durable, won’t splinter like wood, and is gentle on your bulldog’s teeth. Simply cut the hose to an appropriate length, typically about a foot long, and you’ve got a fetch toy that will last for years.

The Enrichment Puzzle Toy

Last but not least, an enrichment puzzle toy is a must-have for any dog, as it not only provides hours of enjoyment but also stimulates your dog’s intellect.

To make a homemade puzzle toy, you’ll need a large, durable rubber ball and several smaller balls or toys that can fit inside the larger ball. Cut a small hole in the larger ball, insert the smaller balls or toys, and watch your dog have fun trying to get them out.

Remember, always supervise your dog when they are playing with toys, especially ones with small parts. With these homemade toy ideas, you’ll ensure your English Bulldog enjoys playtime safely and stays mentally stimulated, all while saving a buck or two!

The Ideal Textured Chew Toy

A chew toy is not only a source of enjoyment for your English Bulldog, but it also promotes good dental health. A textured chew toy is an efficient way to help clean your dog’s teeth and gums as they play.

Commercial chew toys can be quite expensive, and some may not be durable enough for breeds like Bulldogs, who are well-known as aggressive chewers. Thus, creating a homemade textured dog chew could provide the perfect solution.

To make a homemade textured chew toy, you’ll need a length of natural rope, such as jute or sisal, and some dog-safe rubber tubing. These materials are known to be durable and safe for dogs to chew on.

  1. Cut a piece of rope about two feet in length and thread it through the rubber tubing. The rope will add texture while the rubber tubing will provide a fun, bouncy effect.
  2. Tie knots at both ends of the rope, leaving the ends free to provide a fun, fringy texture for your dog.
  3. Soak the fringed ends in a dog-friendly flavoring, such as low-sodium chicken broth, to make the toy more appealing to your bulldog.

The homemade textured chew toy is not only cost-effective, but it also caters specifically to your bulldog’s love of chewing, making it one of the best dog toys for this breed.

The Durable Tug War Toy

Tug-of-war is a game that dogs of all breeds enjoy, and English Bulldogs are no exception. In addition to serving as a bonding activity between you and your pet, tug-of-war can also help dogs like Bulldogs, who are known for their strong jaws, expend their energy in a constructive way.

However, not all tug toys can withstand the Bulldog’s powerful jaws. That’s why making a homemade tug war toy from durable materials can be the best way to ensure your dog enjoys a game of tug-of-war without destroying their toy within minutes.

For a homemade tug war toy, consider using a sturdy material, such as a length of fire hose. Fire hoses are incredibly durable and are designed to resist punctures and tears – making them perfect for tough chewers like Bulldogs!

  1. Cut a length of fire hose to about three feet. This should be long enough for a good game of tug-of-war, but not so long that your bulldog may trip over it.
  2. Secure both ends of the fire hose with a strong knot, ensuring there are no loose ends that your dog could potentially swallow.

The tug war toy not only guarantees playtime fun, but it also assures you of your bulldog’s safety, thanks to its durability and design.


Ensuring your English Bulldog is entertained and mentally stimulated doesn’t have to be a costly affair, nor does it require you to constantly replace damaged toys. With these homemade dog toy ideas, you can provide your Bulldogs with safe, durable, and entertaining toys that cater to their strong jaws and their love for play.

Remember, while homemade toys can be just as good if not better than their store-bought counterparts, supervision is key. Never leave your dog unattended with any toy, especially homemade ones.

Whether your furry friend is a fan of tug-of-war, enjoys the mental stimulation of a puzzle toy or simply loves a good chew, these homemade toys will definitely enhance their playtime experience. They are not just suitable for your English Bulldog’s powerful jaws, but also beneficial for their overall well-being and happiness.

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